Feeling Nostalgic... And The Next Five Years

I'm feeling nostalgic today, my last day at MarkMonitor. My good friend Blake Hayward and I founded CollectiveTrust five years ago. MarkMonitor acquired “us” about three years ago. That chapter closes today. Looking back, it's easy to break down my career into five-year chunks. The first five years I spent in grad school, discovering programming, and getting started as a consultant. The next five years I focused on tabbed browsing and NetCaptor. [Read More]

Graphing Total Daily Tweets

Last year I started tracking the total number of tweets posted to Twitter every day. I wrote a Ruby script that uses the Twitter API to post a new tweet to a private Twitter account and log the ID number of that tweet. That script runs once a day at the same time every day. Tweet IDs appear to be auto-incrementing integers, so we can track the total number of tweets posted in the past 24 hours by subtracting today's tweet ID from the previous one. [Read More]

LinkRiver Deep Search

The other day my friend Chris shared a cool link on “Barack Obama's surprisingly non-ideological policy shop”. I follow Chris on LinkRiver, so that link ended up in my river. I read it and shared it, so now the link shows up in my stream and in the the river of those who follow me. Fast forward a few days and I want to find that link again. Unfortunately, the link title was not very descriptive (“The Audacity of Data”) so I couldn't use LR's standard stream or river search to track it down. [Read More]

LinkRiver Leaderboard

One of these days I will implement a per-stream, per-river leaderboard for LinkRiver showing the top shared links sources. Here are the overall leaders right now: www.techmeme.com mashable.com twitter.com www.techcrunch.com feeds.feedburner.com www.readwriteweb.com www.nytimes.com valleywag.com www.alleyinsider.com lifehacker.com www.mahalo.com www.louisgray.com venturebeat.com www.flickr.com ajaxian.com www.engadget.com www.boingboing.net blogs.zdnet.com www.crunchgear.com gigaom.com www.facebook.com www.youtube.com www.news.com andrewsullivan.theatlantic.com rss.cnn.com Most are what you'd expect, but a few stand out. The twitter.com links generally represent people experimenting with importing their own Twitter feeds into their stream. [Read More]

No Conditional GET for Google Reader, StumbleUpon

Conditional HTTP GETs save bandwidth and computing time by allowing RSS readers to only download feeds when they've changed. Most bookmarking/sharing services support this feature (del.icio.us, Ma.gnolia, FeedBurner, NewsGator, etc) but I was surprised to find the neither Google Reader nor StumbleUpon do. This means that every time that LinkRiver checks a Google Reader shared items or StumbleUpon feed for updates, it has to download the entire feed and look for new stuff. [Read More]

LinkRiver Seeded With A-List Bloggers

Brittney noticed that LinkRiver was seeded with A-list blogger accounts. LinkRiver is a classic scratch-your-own-itch project. There was no good way to aggregate the link blogs published by more and more of the bloggers I read, so I built an app to do it. I added Scoble to the system (Scoble's stream) because I wanted to follow him, same with many others (see the right side of my river). Seeding these accounts was not intended to be a “clever marketing move” as much as a practical “I want to follow these people” move. [Read More]