Tabbed Browser DNA

A couple of weeks ago I wrote Tabbed Browsing Turns 7, about NetCaptor's 7th birthday, and claimed that "Firefox, Mozilla, Opera, Safari and others can all trace their tabbed browsing DNA back to NetCaptor at some level". In a comment, an anonymous poster wrote: A second reason I disagree is that modern tabbed browsers like Firefox, Mozilla, Safari, and Opera based their tabbed browsing systems either directly or indirectly on NetCaptor. [Read More]

Tabbed Browsing Turns 7

Alternative browsers like Firefox and to a lesser extent Opera, Safari and NetCaptor exploded in popularity in 2004. Better security was a major focus, but almost universally, "tabbed browsing", the ability to open multiple web sites in the same browser window by placing each site on its own tab, was listed as a top reason to switch from Internet Explorer. I like what Walt Mossberg said in one of columns in The Wall Street Journal: [Read More]

No IE tabs before Longhorn

Here's a great interview with Gary Schare from Microsoft. I've talked to Gary several times and appreciate that Microsoft is turning attention to third-party developers (like me) who built tabbed browsers long before FireFox (NetCaptor in 1998). Here's my favorite quote: We've looked at whether you can add tabs through a browser helper object or some other way of extending IE, and it turns out you can't. Bingo. If I it was possible to add tabs to IE via a BHO or other addon, I never would have written NetCaptor. [Read More]