LinkRiver Deep Search

The other day my friend Chris shared a cool link on “Barack Obama's surprisingly non-ideological policy shop”. I follow Chris on LinkRiver, so that link ended up in my river. I read it and shared it, so now the link shows up in my stream and in the the river of those who follow me. Fast forward a few days and I want to find that link again. Unfortunately, the link title was not very descriptive (“The Audacity of Data”) so I couldn't use LR's standard stream or river search to track it down. [Read More]

LinkRiver Leaderboard

One of these days I will implement a per-stream, per-river leaderboard for LinkRiver showing the top shared links sources. Here are the overall leaders right now: Most are what you'd expect, but a few stand out. The links generally represent people experimenting with importing their own Twitter feeds into their stream. [Read More]

No Conditional GET for Google Reader, StumbleUpon

Conditional HTTP GETs save bandwidth and computing time by allowing RSS readers to only download feeds when they've changed. Most bookmarking/sharing services support this feature (, Ma.gnolia, FeedBurner, NewsGator, etc) but I was surprised to find the neither Google Reader nor StumbleUpon do. This means that every time that LinkRiver checks a Google Reader shared items or StumbleUpon feed for updates, it has to download the entire feed and look for new stuff. [Read More]

LinkRiver Seeded With A-List Bloggers

Brittney noticed that LinkRiver was seeded with A-list blogger accounts. LinkRiver is a classic scratch-your-own-itch project. There was no good way to aggregate the link blogs published by more and more of the bloggers I read, so I built an app to do it. I added Scoble to the system (Scoble's stream) because I wanted to follow him, same with many others (see the right side of my river). Seeding these accounts was not intended to be a “clever marketing move” as much as a practical “I want to follow these people” move. [Read More]