LinkRiver Deep Search

The other day my friend Chris shared a cool link on “Barack Obama's surprisingly non-ideological policy shop”. I follow Chris on LinkRiver, so that link ended up in my river. I read it and shared it, so now the link shows up in my stream and in the the river of those who follow me.

Fast forward a few days and I want to find that link again. Unfortunately, the link title was not very descriptive (“The Audacity of Data”) so I couldn't use LR's standard stream or river search to track it down. I could have scrolled through a couple of pages of my stream… but what if I could search the text of the linked story instead of just the title?

Enter LinkRiver deep search. The name's not great and will probably change, but deep search is a Google Custom Search Engine that makes it easy to search the content of all pages in a user's stream.

Two caveats. Your first deep search may be a little slow because Google has to grab an XML file from us and build your index before it can return results. Second - I've limited this feature to streams (no rivers yet) for now so that the XML file Google has to pull is a reasonable size. I'll probably add rivers later.

Back to the story. The article I wanted to find was about “obama” and mentioned “policy” and “wonk”. See the results yourself.